My name is Adrian

Software engineer, sometimes speaker, always a learner.

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Sometimes I write and share my thoughts. Please read through and share any constructive feedback!

Optimizing for Writing

Welcome back to … me! I haven’t written a blog post in over a year and I have no excuses. To be honest, I got stuck in the mindset of “how can I create the coolest personal, website architecture ever?”. But let’s be honest here, if my main objective here is to write personal content, why not just optimize for writing the way I am most comfortable with?

Soft Skills for Software Engineers

Early on in my career, if you would’ve asked me how much talking I would be doing as part of my job, on a daily basis, I would’ve probably thought: “oh I just build things all day, I’ll just sit at my desk and get stuff done!” Boy, was I wrong.

Distance Running and Software Engineering

Have you ever found something you enjoy so much that you just want to continue doing it for as long as possible? Is it coding? Is it building things? Well, for me it is.